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25lb Calhypo Shock 73%

25lb Calhypo Shock 73%

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Introducing Calhypo 73% Pool Shock, the ultimate solution for restoring and maintaining sparkling clean and crystal-clear swimming pool water. With its powerful formulation and fast-acting properties, Calhypo 73% Pool Shock is the go-to product for eliminating contaminants and rejuvenating your pool in no time.

Key Features:

  1. Maximum Strength: Calhypo 73% Pool Shock is specially formulated with a potent concentration of calcium hypochlorite, providing maximum strength for tackling even the most challenging pool maintenance tasks. Its high chlorine content ensures a rapid and effective eradication of bacteria, algae, and other harmful contaminants, leaving your pool water fresh and inviting.

  2. Rapid Oxidation: This pool shock is designed to deliver rapid oxidation, making it highly effective in eliminating organic matter and restoring water clarity. Whether it's swimmer waste, leaves, pollen, or other debris, Calhypo 73% Pool Shock quickly breaks down and removes them, helping you achieve a pristine pool environment.

  3. Easy Application: Using Calhypo 73% Pool Shock is a breeze. Simply follow the instructions and add the appropriate amount of shock to your pool water. This fast-dissolving formula ensures quick dispersion and even distribution throughout the pool, providing efficient and uniform sanitization.

Note: It is crucial to follow the recommended dosage guidelines and safety precautions when using Calhypo 73% Pool Shock. Always test and maintain appropriate water chemistry levels to achieve the best results and ensure a safe swimming environment.

Revitalize your pool and experience the exceptional cleaning power of Calhypo 73% Pool Shock. Say goodbye to cloudy water, algae, and unwanted contaminants, and say hello to a vibrant, crystal-clear pool that invites you to dive in. Choose Calhypo for reliable, superior pool maintenance solutions.

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